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Driza-Bone is a proudly and genuinely iconic Australian brand with over a 100 year tradition of Australian design and manufacture. The name Driza-Bone originated from the phrase "Dry as a Bone" and the company was established in 1898 when a young sailor and some friends began manufacturing Waterproof long coats from torn canvas sails coated in linseed oil and were designed for sailors plying the trade routes of the unpredictable "Roaring 40's" (Latitude of the Southern Ocean). Word of this long rugged coat's durability and performance in the rain quickly spread to land based stockmen in Australia and the long oilskin coat and the Driza-Bone brand evolved from there.

The evolution of the original Driza-Bone long riding coat progressed with these changes:

As more time passed, it was discovered that the linseed oil used for waterproofing hardened and cracked in the hot Australian sun, so a new waterproofing technique was invented and is still in use by Driza-Bone on its oilskin products to this day. The present day Driza-Bone has developed a large array of seasonal outerwear ranges for men, women and children plus, they produce a workwear range. Included are long oilskin coats, short oilskin coats, oilskin jackets, oilskin riding vests, ponchos and parkas, leather and oilskin hats, oilskin jeans, chaps and overtrousers plus, merino knits and cotton shirts. There's even oilskin dog coats.

Driza-Bone now manufactures fashionable coats in Fortress fabric, a lightweight, highly breathable, hand washable, non-oily, 100% cotton that is highly weatherproof for city slickers that want the Driza-Bone fashion without the oilskin fabric. Fortress fabric allows perspiration vapour to pass through away from your body. From a locally known single product to an internationally reknowned brand for quality outdoor wear, Driza-Bone has withstood the test of time and their quality oilskin products and reputation are unmatched, making them a true Australian icon.

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